Introducing Quantopian Enterprise

The flexible data science platform for quantitative finance professionals, delivered with FactSet.

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Log in and get started immediately with Quantopian's Python research environment and FactSet's data. Because Quantopian is built entirely on cloud computing infrastructure, you and your quant team can work privately and securely with a complete set of modern tools - no installation or data wrangling required.

Using the software that revolutionized access to quantitative finance, Quantopian and FactSet now provide professional quants, anywhere in the world, the flexible tools needed to explore their hypotheses, evaluate alpha factors, simulate market behavior, and optimize portfolio construction.

  • Flexible: Create alpha factors any way you can imagine.
  • Quick start: No installation required.
  • Clean: FactSet data pre-integrated and fully concorded.
  • Fast: Backtests finish quickly, so you can iterate rapidly.
  • Extensible: Use our Aqueduct API to access our factor engine.
  • Private and secure: Follows security best practices.


Our Jupyter notebook environment gives you the freedom to explore all the available data, form hypotheses, and evaluate new alpha factors. It comes with Python scientific computing libraries and Quantopian's pioneering open-source tools, all pre-installed.
Data from FactSet is already loaded on the platform, so you don't have to worry about data cleaning, labeling, concording, integration, or adjustments.
Simulate strategies with the most widely used backtesting engine in the world. We worry about look-ahead bias and point-in-time data for everything we do. You worry about the alpha.
Upload your own datasets to integrate with FactSet data and evaluate with Quantopian. Use our Aqueduct API to programmatically access our factor engine off-platform and set up production workflows.


What is Quantopian Enterprise?
Quantopian Enterprise pairs FactSet’s experience in data aggregation and integration with Quantopian’s industry leading quantitative finance software, offering a sophisticated data analysis and quant workflow environment.
What is FactSet?
FactSet (Ticker: FDS) delivers superior analytics, service, content, and technology to help more than 88,000 users see and seize opportunity sooner. FactSet is committed to giving investment professionals the edge to outperform, with fresh perspectives, informed insights, and the industry-leading support of their dedicated specialists.
Is Quantopian’s original public facing product still available?
Absolutely! The Quantopian Community product continues to be available to anyone in the world and improves every day.
What is the relationship between FactSet and Quantopian?
Quantopian and FactSet have partnered to bring world-class data and quantitative finance workflows to you. Quantopian provides the platform while FactSet provides sales, support, and high quality data to our customers.
What markets does Quantopian Enterprise cover?
Quantopian Enterprise covers 44 markets around the globe, which includes all of the ACWI developed countries and most of the ACWI emerging markets. Each of these markets has pricing, fundamentals, estimates, and other FactSet datasets. Quantopian Enterprise has FX rate data for the listing currency for all the equities in these 44 markets.
How can I see a demo of Quantopian Enterprise?

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